Mortal Kombat X :: Brutalities, Combos and fun!

A fun memory I will always have is my parents taking me to go see Mortal Kombat as a child. I loved that movie so much I bought the sound track for my Walkman! (It’s like your smart phone, but nothing like it). So why not put together some of my favorite moments together with music!?! That’s got to be original!

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Mortal Kombat X: Basic Raiden 50/50 Corner Pressure

When it comes to Mortal Kombat X, the difference between winning and losing often comes down to understanding your spacing that leads to getting your opener. Many characters have different tools to open up their opponent to punish them.

Raiden and his Thunder God variation, for example, has extend combos. One of the things I like about this character and variation is that it gives him a pretty good 50/50 involving either hitting you high or low, both of which can lead to major damage. And that is key. You need to learn your mix-ups and also understand when to punish your opponent. It’s critical you know how to maximize your damage when you punish your opponent’s whiffed move.

In this Mortal Kombat X video with Raiden, here is some basic stuff I came up with. Now, I am much more advanced with Raiden and I see that he does a lot of damage. He recently was nurfed and I had to update my combos – which is a new Mortal Kombat X video coming soon where I explain mix-ups and go more in-depth with the character himself.

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Evolve: Evacuation :: Goliath 5 Day Sweep

Evolve is one of the best shooters I have played in a long time. This game is amazing. Each person – monster, medic, support, trapper, assault – each play unique and have a specific role. If done right, victory is almost guaranteed. It just depends on which side you’re on!

Evacuation is a campaign mode set over 5 days where the objective is to save or destroy the colony. If either team wins they get a bonus for the next round. They change the maps based on hunting, nest protecting/destroying eggs, Rescuing/killing soldiers and the last one is base defense while the monster tries to storm through all the generators to destroy the last one to stop the colony from leaving.

In this gameplay video, I play as the monster, specifically the Goliath! A big brute that crushes any in his path… Well, if I evolve first.

From the start of the game you get a 30 second head start to RUN! If you don’t, you will die fast. As a stage 1 monster with no shield, you will be killed fast. The problem is if you run, you leave foot prints or disturb birds and the trackers can use that to find you. Some strategies I’ve seen have people trying to get as far away as possible so they can start feasting on wildlife in order to build their shield and be ready for the first fight, and hopefully survive to then Evolve.

If you use stealth and sneak, you leave no foot prints but do not get as far away. I’m a predator, so I choose to sneak right away and leave the hunters with no clue as to where I am. So not only can I feast on wildlife and get shield but I can also evolve easily to stage 2, putting the fight on even ground without being touched once.

Your environment is everything in this game. Know where you are! And even better, force the hunters to fight you on your grounds, not theirs. Those tracks they are following could lead right to a trap. In this hunt, you will see me do just that as not only do they have to fight me with full shield, they have to fight me with poison clouds surrounding them – and also wildlife! Then eventually stage 2 Evolve after purposely leading them through more poison clouds.

I also utilize my minions! Only attacking when I have back up and full shield. Also knowing when to retreat! all these things tactics lead to me defeating the hunters in all 5 days and destroying the colony!


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Destiny :: Get Out of my Personal Space 3.8 K/D Ratio

When Destiny first came out, I have to admit I was part of the hype wagon like everyone else. Over time I started to realize that it had a lot of MMO-eque problems to it, like grinding. You have to grind to get the gear, and after playing World of Warcraft for 9 years, I don’t have it in me to start the grind all over again in a new game. Doing raids and dungeons is nothing new. In Destiny, they just did it in a first-person shooter form. I’ve been there, done that – no thank you. I have always hated to work really hard to get the gear I need, going through an insanely hard raid with a group of friends just to get an item that doesn’t help me or get an item that DOES help me but only for a limited time before a new raid comes up. There’s never an end. Especially when you’re a veteran of MMO style play, I can spot a grinding game a mile away. This is what this game turned out to be.

However, the PVP portion of it was a lot of fun and I enjoyed it. Here, I’m playing as a Titan defender and using my defense abilities to dominate on this map. I learned how to use my defensive bubble as a way to protect a captured point. I would put my bubble down, and as long as I stay in the bubble I gained enhanced shield and damage to my melee attack. You’ll see me lay down my bubble and go in and out of it to rejuvenate my shield and goad people to come fight me in the shield. You’ll see that… Well… it doesn’t work out for them.

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Diablo 3 :: Sploits

After being gone for a few weeks, I’m back!

My fiance and I have been playing Diablo 3 in all of our spare time. In our playing, we have discovered a bug in the gaming that lets you sploit lots of loot. I’m not saying you should replicate this, I’m just letting all PlayStation 4 Diablo 3 players know that there is a bug you should be aware of that results in a lot of loot.

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Ultra Street Fighter 4 :: So Much Salt!

I have one really good buddy that I play on Ultra Street Fighter 4. It’s the game started playing together and always go back to. But we’re both really competitive, so things can get really intense. Listen in as my buddy Bill and I go to battle in Ultra Street Fighter 4.

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Not to boast or anything, but I’m really good at gaming. But then there are time when I hit a bump or two in the road and lose – oh, let’s just say a lot of games. After some good time cussing things around me out, like my TV, my controller, or the chair for being too firm, I put on some epic music and get to work getting my PP back.

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