RGG Interviews Jessamyn “The Gun” Duke

I enjoy hearing stories of how gamers first got into their favorite game. It’s a fun journey down memory lane with long-time gamers because everyone remembers vividly what their first game was. It’s a maze revealing how one game lead to this new game to that new game to where you are today.

With that said, meet Jessamyn “The Gun” Duke. Part fighter, part gamer – full-time badass. Who knew a UFC fighter could have such a love of gaming! She shares details on how she was introduced into the world of gaming. She even credits gaming to helping her develop her love for WMMA and UFC!

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RGG Interviews Shayna “The Queen of Spades” Baszler

Shayna Baszler and I have known each other for years, and we have been gaming together for years. As many hours as we’ve spent on the grappling mat together, we’ve spent gaming together. One of the first games we ever played was Pride Fighting Championships on the PlayStation 2. We spent hours creating our characters!

We have played countless games against each other and she was the one of the ones who convinced me to game for a living. It’s fitting to interview here and go down memory lane on some of our gaming – of which there are many more interviews to come.

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Can my fiancé learn the FADC Ultra?

My fiancé is not a gamer whatsoever. My goal is to teach her to complete the FADC Ultra on Street Fighter 4. Join me on the journey of teaching her to complete this quest from start to finish.

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Welcome to Regular Guy Gaming!

Regular Guy Gaming is aimed at the player who does not have all day to play games. This is for the guy who gets the game they like, but doesn’t have time to hunt down every achievement and title. This is designed for you, the regular guy, who just loves to game.

We have a voice. We don’t go to tournaments because we have families and work. But we play at the same level as those players who just won EVO. This is a place for you to see how someone else who’s just like you, play just like you. You’ll hear me cuss, go on a rage, and get angry because I just lost to a Deathstroke spammer, or watch me jump for joy when I get that near-impossible headshot in Call of Duty or achieve a trophy in Fall Out 3 in hardcore mode.

Along the way, I’ll teach you some cool things. You’ll get to meet some awesome guests, and you’ll get to laugh with me (or at me?) as my girlfriend tries to beat me in Injustice. And you’ll get to interact with other regular guys who like to game, just like you.

Regular Guy Gaming is a journey and experience for you, for me, and for the regular guy. Welcome.

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