Injustice :: Doomsday Basics Part 2

My favorite character in Injustice: Gods Among Us is Doomsday. That’s the character I spend most of my time on, with Bane next in line.

When I started learning Doomsday, I had to master the basics. One of his bread-and-butter moves is his body splash. It’s one of his moves that conveniently leads into a lot of other moves! You do a body splash combed with a few others in the corner, and you’re putting together a combo your opponent can’t get out of.

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Injustice :: Doomsday Basics Part 1

When you get a new game, you’ve got to start somewhere. Before attempting the crazy combos and wicked finishes, you’ve got to learn your bread-and-butter moves. Sounds simple, but you forget how many button smashers there are!

If you’re just picking up Injustice: God’s Among Us for the first time or learning a new character, go spend a few hours practicing the basics over and over until you do them without thinking of them. Doomsday, while a trickier character to learn, is extremely fun to play. One of my BNB moves is the Low Fist. Keeps the pressure on your opponent and can cancel into any of Doomsday’s special moves.

Check back in a week for Doomsday Basic Part 2.

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Injustice :: Combo Video Obviously!

Showing off some of my favorite combos with some of my favorite characters. Plus, it’s a lot of fun to make yourself look invincible to music.

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Injustice :: No Bane for You! Aquaman VS Bane

My buddy thought that all you needed to do was charge and head butt in Injustice with Bane. He thought that just screaming “AHHHHHH” and rushing across the screen was all you needed. He quickly finds out that without proper venom management and random spamming head butt, Bane can be quickly defeated.

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Injustice :: Trolling

When I get bored, or am in a fun mood, I like to troll. Honestly, it’s one of my favorite gaming pastimes. Some may not agree with trolling and are going to call me mean or not a good sport. But I’m here to tell you there isn’t a better feeling in the world than when someone decides to spam Deathstroke or Superman on Injustice and I smash them through the earth with my Doomsday or break their backs with Bane – and I get to call them out on their spamming.

Trolling is fun, and there will be many more trolling videos to come. Enjoy!

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