Disney Infinity :: Daddy/Daughter Battle Time!

My daughter Nixie and I getting some epic gaming time in together, exploring new worlds on Disney Infinity. She’s just as big into gaming as I am, although her she enjoys more of the Toy Story and Spongebob type games, and I enjoy Injustice.

Despite our different tastes, we both enjoy Disney Infinity. I love building worlds for my daughter, just to watch her explore, figure out secret areas, and sometimes flat-out destroy it. When we bought The Lone Ranger playlet for Disney Infinity, I figured the new horses would be a big hit. I didn’t realize that Elsa from Frozen made a perfect addition!

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Disney Infinity :: Easter Egg Surprise

If you haven’t already guessed, there’s an epic Easter Egg in Disney Infinity. So, consider this your spoiler alert!


When you buy every character, that means every character gets unlocked in the Vault of Hero’s. When you unlock your last character, a special surprise comes out of the middle of the vault. What should float to the middle of the screen? An epic green light saber all of your characters can use. Is this a sign for things to come?

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Disney Infinity :: Arena March to Gold!

Join me on a Disney Infinity adventure as I battle for arena gold while playing Syndrome from The Incredibles!

Disney Infinity has created a new way to get visit new worlds while playing. You can not only build a world and share it with your friends, but you can upload it to Disney Infinity itself and have the opportunity to share it with the entire Disney universe. It’s amazing, and each user gets 100 slots to download new worlds to. One I found was an Arena battle, complete with varying levels of bad guys, death, and destruction.

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Disney Infinity :: The Incredibles Vault

You know what’s fun to do as a family? Play Disney Infinity. If you’re on the fence about buying this game, don’t be. Just hop off that fence and hustle over to your nearest store and get the game already.

My fiancé, daughter, and I really took to playing Disney Infinity as a family. After work, after supper was done and dishes put away, we would pile into the man cave and grind out an hour or two together. One of the best part of the game was playing the villains and heroes, earning spins, and unlocking vaults. Together, we opened The Incredibles Vault together, of course after some epic battles against villains and each other.

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