Mortal Kombat X :: Scorpion YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG!

I decided to learn Scorpion for fun. My buddy lost his mind and felt that Scorpion is an unfair character and has crazy advantages. I explained to him that isn’t the case; he only has a few options because most of his gaming is done through vortex. He said he could learn Scorpion and do the same things I was doing AND beat me!

As you’ll see in this, it is not the character but the person behind the character. Not only do I beat him, but when my buddy moved to his main character Mileena , I beat her, too.

Don’t blame the character. Learn to point the finger at yourself if you’re having a hard time beating someone. Go into Training Mode in Mortal Kombat X and LEARN to beat the character. My buddy had to learn this the hard way. It wasn’t that Scorpion was overpowered; it was that I knew how to use Scorpion and he didn’t know how to beat it.

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